Monday, 4 June 2012

The DRESS post

Cor blimey, where have the last few weeks gone?? Well actually I know exactly where they've gone, whizzed by in a blur of birthdays, trips to Italy, and sommat to do with the Queen.

But before all that happened I was delighted to finish my first ever dress. And actually wear it out. In public. All day. As an avid reader of Tilly and the Buttons, I followed her lead and made Easy McCalls pattern M2401 with fabric from Fabric Godmother (a recommendation from my friend Jess).

I didn't find it tooo difficult to follow the pattern, and despite a slightly buckled neckline I'm delighted with the results (and that it stayed together for a whole day!) Hope you like the results...

Fitting the darts

Finished product:

Apologies for the random chest close up, but as my first project I'm supremely proud of the darts!
I'm super excited to start my next project, probably a short-sleeved, more summery version of the same dress. Watch this space!

PS. One of these days, I'll start to ask people to take pictures of me, but I'm not yet that brave so apologies for the slightly dodgy instagrammed pics!

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