Tuesday, 17 July 2012


So a whole month has passed since I last blogged and month which has been 100% about Doing, with very little Sewing, but a fair amount of Eating.

The prime culprit for my absentee-ism is stepping up the training to do my third marathon this autumn, the Berlin Marathon. Having already trained for a couple of marathons you'd think I'd be use to the amount of time it takes out of my weekday evenings and weekend days. But once again, it has taken me by surprise.

Add to that two 30th birthdays, one 60th birthday, and a visit from one of my oldest friends who now lives in Bangkok, I've been galivanting all over the country: Bristol - Liverpool - Richmond - Milton Keynes - Northamptonshire.

Which brings me back to now and my sofa, and how jolly happy I am to be getting reacquainted with it. I have a whole glorious free Saturday ahead of me this weekend, and I'm hoping to get my teeth into Dress Number 2, which I've already cut out the pattern for from some cheap-o material from Brixton Market:
Despite the galivanting of the last month, I've squeezed in a couple of new additions to my flat which I'm very happy with:

And I hope you like my new look - I thought it was time to embrace the rainy summer with a picture of a gloriously green Green Park one particularly soggy morning. 

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