Monday, 27 February 2012

Patchwork cushion beginnings

In a bid to stop myself from whiling away a whole day of browsing furniture and other people’s interiors blogs on the interweb I’ve decided that it’s not too early to get started on kitting out my new pad (mine in four more sleeps!) So take four fairly nasty cushion pads, which have moved house with me more times than they’d care to mention, plus one pile of scrap material, which is longing to reclaim its former glory and find a place to call home. Said pile consists of:
  • Material given to me when I was teaching in Japan
  • Two Cath Kidston tea towels (not a fan of drying up)
  • One cheap nasty shirt from Brixton market that I liked the pattern of
  • One skirt given to me by an ex-boyfriend, also a present from Japan
  • 1 old pillow case

Patchwork cushion covers may have been a fairly ambitious project to use to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine but several hours later, here are the finished products. (Yep, there’s only three of them but one of the cushion pads was just too nasty to upcycle and had to be abandoned.)

Oh, and because I was having too much fun to leave the house to go and buy some actual food, I decided that lunch would have to be made out of what ingredients I had left in the house, hence a short peanut-butter-flapjack-making interlude. One weekend day very well spent.

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