Friday, 2 March 2012

Completion cushions

I completed on my very own 37 square feet haven in South London today, HURRAH! Which means that tomorrow I can pick up the keys.

So obviously the first thing I did was to drive to that well-known Swedish homeware emporioum. The object of this mission was to buy myself a cheap wicker chair that I could use in my lounge until I get my sofa delivered, approximately four weeks from now.

In a fit of indecision and borderline panic driven by firstly getting lost amongst the Milton Keynes roundabouts, and then by going against the arrows in Ikea, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a chair, and so instead bought two large cushion pads and beautiful double duvet and pillow case set as I love this fabric.

Here are the fruits of my labours, and I still have a whole half a duvet cover of fabric and two pillow cases left....cheaper than a new chair.

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