Sunday, 18 March 2012

Veggie luncheon for a staunch carnivore

I was delighted to have my first guests round for lunch today as my parents made the trek (mentally far removed, if not physically) from rural Northamptonshire to urban Streatham Hill.

It was part house warming, as the first time they've seen my flat, part Mothering Sunday (though I actually forgot that this morning!), part putting Dad to work utilising his drill.

While I'm not a true blue veggie, I very rarely eat meat these days, apart from an recent crash off the non-meat wagon headlong into a plate of obligatory Ikea meatballs. I blame it on the fact that I was a) getting ill and b) surely there's not actually any meat in said meatballs anyway?

Feeding such a staunch carnivore as my Father the following menu was a risky strategy but having spent most of yesterday either shopping or cooking here was my Mother's Day lunch menu:

Green lentils with roasted beetroot and feta:


Quinoa with roasted sweet potato

Potato salad - a staple favourite at any Tolliday / Ingram dinner party

The verdict I would say it was a win-lose result. The quinoa was not well-met, but the sweet potato was grudgingly ok, the roasted beetroot was 'good', and the potato salad was worthy of any Ingram gathering. 

And for pud... 

Berry polenta cake:

One highly commended wheat-free pud, gorgeously sticky without being stodgy. Nom.

Lovely to see my folks and I'm feeling pretty damned spoilt and happy to have them back in the country after a month of them travelling in New Zealand. And to bring the weekend to a happy close, a glass of wine with a certain young gentleman and Upstairs Downstairs - my new not-very-guilty guilty pleasure.

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