Sunday, 15 April 2012

Make do and mend

Something I've been meaning to write about fully (and something that it seems I share with many other people out there in the blogosphere) I haven't bought any new clothes since February, and I'm hoping to stay true to this until my big 3-0 at the end of May. I've almost fallen off the wagon several times with some hasty ebay bidding (which I was unsucessful in), but I'm not entirely sure that my embargo also covers second-hand clothes. Ho hum, not the point. The point is that with some mild heart ache plaguing me on Saturday and turning me into a slight hermit I decided it was a good day to get started on the mound of clothes that I've not worn for ages to turn them into wearable new not-new togs.

But first things first, I'm delighted that in the final year of my twenties I've finally learnt to poach an egg. With a little bit of help from the Guardian's Fiona Cloake that is... So this was the starting point for my day of making do and mending, two beautifully runny-centred poached eggs:

And a mound of things that needed attention:
Symptoms include holes, broken button hooks, and one pretty floral ebay dress that I've never worn as it turns my usual size six frame into a maternity smock's dream.

So after much hemming, darning and stitching armpits together (actually just the one armpit), I have now repatriated four more items of clothing to my wardrobe. I won't bore you with the full operation but the makeover success of the day is this turquoise dress that I bought years ago but I only ever wore once - I couldn't ever quite bring myself to get rid of it as the colour's lovely, and it's a good fit. 

But with a new waistband and a couple of feature buttons, it's now something I'll be quite happy wearing to the office. Job done and much more satisfying than a trip to Topshop. 
Just in case you're worrying about my mental health, you'll be pleased to hear that I did actually leave the flat today. At 6.30am in fact to indulge one of my other passions in life - running. Ten miles later down the Thames towpath and a satisfactory race time, myself and my dear friend KJ are the proud owners of brand new Fullers pint glasses - way better than the usual race medal:
And the best post-race recovery to follow some hearty lentil soup at KJ's? A couple of pints (Fullers of course) at the rugby this afternoon. A good Sunday had.

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