Thursday, 26 April 2012

A tale of one duvet cover

It feels like ages since I blogged, partly because I've been super busy and partly because I've been a terrible craft mistress lately, with a pile of projects that I've started and not finished. So this weekend is to be a weekend of completing BEFORE I start on anything new.

But first a post that I've been meaning to finish off for a couple of weeks... The tale of one duvet cover. As you may remember from my Completion cushions post, my first flat purchase was a beautiful Ikea duvet cover, from which I crafted two large floor cushions. Which have settled nicely into their new home, Sofa:

Said duvet cover has now also been crafted into:

My first ever homemade skirt!

This skirt is intended to be my Lake Garda skirt for an upcoming family holiday in May. But given the weather in London town lately, the wellies seemed much more fitting for modelling purposes.

The skirt idea came from Brett Bara's One Hour Skirt video, though I must admit that I did line the skirt with an old white pillow case as the material was a little bit too sheer to be decent, which made it a bit longer than a one-hour skirt! Thanks to Tilly at Tilly and the Buttons for her 'Easy sewing projects for beginners' post!

And a table cloth:

Having used the fabric for several table-posing photoshoots, I thought I should do it the honour of making it into an actual table cloth, which has now become a permanent feature on the ugly table that the old flat owners left behind.

So all that for just £10.99 and still two pillow cases left over (which I might actually use as pillow cases). Who says crafting needs to be expensive...?

By the way, I think I may have mastered 'the straight line' and in a fit of over confidence (or possibly one too many white wines) I have now purchased my first ever dress pattern. I'm so jolly excited about this upcoming project....I'm sure that plenty of pics, tears of frustration and calls to my Mum will be shared in a post to follow!

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