Sunday, 1 April 2012

A mini warming of a mini flat

Last night I had a few friends round to officially warm the mini flat. It was an elite (read motley) gathering, with a distinctly retro feel to the party food.

One of my oldest friends came up from the country to stay the night and take the sofa bed on its first spin in its incarnation as a bed. As is usual with myself and said friend, once we got chatting all thoughts of photography and blogging went out the window. Corks were popped and our focus turned to boys and clothes, with a smidge of careers and current affairs thrown in for good measure. So I'm afraid that I've had to make do with the leftovers (all homemade and wheat free of course):

Guacamole - the Hairy Bikers' way:

Babaganoush. This time from a recipe and with tahini, a variation of Hugh's recipe:

A retro classic - made me inordinately happy, especially when sticking out of a foil-covered grapefruit. No, really.


After this morning's breakfast of champions (provided by my lovely ex-housemate last night) I've been pretty slow moving today, enjoying a lot of quality time with sofa and rug. Happy days.  

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